As human beings men and women are made of both masculine and feminine energies. The ultimate goal is for us to live in harmony with these aspects in order to live a balanced life; think Yin and Yang. But for most of us, we tend to lean more to one or the other. And for the last several hundred years the masculine has dominated the way the world operates. Whether it be wars and aggression or competition and “doing”, the masculine is everywhere, even for many women. And to be clear, this is not a gender thing, this is an energy thing. 

With the chaos and madness of the last two years, it is clear to me that what the world needs more of now, is the divine feminine. With its qualities centred on nurturing, healing, collaboration, wisdom, the arts and Mother Earth, it is time for all, but especially women, to uncover these buried aspects in order to move the world in a new, bold direction. 

There are considered to be 7 feminine archetypes (meaning recurrent symbol or motif in literature, art, or mythology). These include: Magic/Alchemy, Ferocity, Motherhood, Independence, Sensuality, Compassion and Introspection. History and various cultures have recognized these archetypes in goddesses who were revered for these feminine qualities. Whether it was Saraswati in India, Oya from Africa, or Aphrodite in Greece, the feminine has played important roles in history and societies. 

For me, the divine feminine is about discovering within us our own connection to spirit. In developing this practice through meditation, as well as other actions,  we build our intuition muscle and are able to draw on it on a daily basis to help guide us. I believe we have within us a direct connection with the divine. We are able to connect to our higher selves to draw on this at times of challenge, sadness or to seek higher levels of expansion. The divine feminine connection allows me to access parts of myself such as my intuition to guide and assist me. 

Simply Divine Retreats is about helping women connect to their divine essence, through our programs Divine Feminine Future and Divine Leadership. Through hands-on experiences and teachings coupled with natural, relaxing environments, participants will leave with wonderful memories, useful practices and new friendships.

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