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Martina began her journey in Europe, first in Germany where she was born and raised and where she studied philosophy and theology. In her early 20’s she sought solitude and landed on an island in Spain, where she lived simply without electricity, in nature and discovered the practice of meditation and yoga. The esoteric practice of yoga, awakened hidden memories of past lives and her pursuit in the healing arts. She moved to North America to deepen her studies with several Masters and healing modalities.

Her studies, including deep self studies of reincarnation and those of her clients, brought Martina to facilitate spiritual journeys for an international clientele.

After experiencing her own enlightened state, she was inspired to help others experience the ever presence of oneness, love and joy within themselves and their relationships. Martina is an extraordinary spiritual activist, an intuitive facilitator fueled by the desire to serve humanity. Her three sons and deep love for children inspired initiatives to support the wellbeing of future generations. This has included a pilot program that feeds children in Africa, as well as an international youth educational initiative to develop future world leaders.

Martina is a masterful architect of positive transformation in people’s lives. Through her services she offers sophisticated and transformational programs for individuals and couples. Her work exponentially elevates her clients and fast tracks their unique desired outcomes. After 35 years of working in the field of human evolution, she is an expert in helping people design their lives with a sense of refinement and awareness that can lead them to personal enlightenment, conscious living and loving existence!

Martina is retreat leader for the Feminine Future Retreats.

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