A Journey of Resilience and Holistic Wellness

Brief info

Born in picturesque Northwestern, Ontario, nestled on the Canadian/United States border, Connie Pretula's early years were shaped by the beauty of the Rainy Lake District. The pulp industry was one of the main employers of the area, a time when environmental regulations were not as stringent as they are today. Little did she know, the environment that surrounded her would impact her future health in profound ways.

When Connie was 5, her entrepreneurial parents moved to the open skies of Saskatchewan. Then when she was a teenager, they moved to a small farming community in Manitoba with Riding Mountain National Park as the backdrop. Connie's connection to nature and the land was ingrained in her, it is part of her DNA.

Embarking on a 21-year career with the Royal Bank of Canada in Winnipeg, Connie climbed the professional ladder from file clerk to personal financial advisor. Her journey in the financial sector equipped her with invaluable skills in building trust and assisting clients through life’s various challenges.

In 2001, a pivot led her into the financial technology industry. This diverse trajectory, from banking to fintech, might seem unusual at first, but it laid the groundwork for her eventual transition into holistic nutrition.

Her journey towards holistic wellness truly began in 2010 when she was relocated to Vancouver B.C. Connie was experiencing increased health challenges related to a new corporate career and the onset of perimenopause. Struggling with severe menopause symptoms, she found her way to a naturopath and started healing her body through nutrition and lifestyle changes.
Connie’s revelation about her passion for nutrition came while preparing for a bodybuilding competition in May 2013 at the age of 51.

After 12 years, the fast-paced and highly demanding lifestyle of the fintech industry started to take a toll on her health.

Reflecting on her childhood experiences on her family’s farm and a lifetime of making dietary adjustments for various health issues, she realized the profound impact of nutrition on health.
This transformative experience ignited Connie’s passion for nutrition. In August 2013, she courageously left her successful corporate career to pursue holistic nutrition, enrolling at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and graduating with First Class Honours in 2016.

Connie’s passion is clear: to help women feel better while transitioning through the stages of menopause and using nutrition as the foundation. With her business acumen honed through years of client-centric roles, she aspires to simplify the healing process for her clients.
Connie works one-on-one with women over 50. Her journey inspires others to live true to themselves and create the life they dream of.

Her story, a testament to adaptability and resilience, showcases Connie Pretula’s commitment to well-being and living a vibrant life regardless of age. As a seasoned public speaker, content contributor, and educator, she continues to be a beacon of inspiration within the holistic wellness community.