Retreat Leader & Spiritual Advisor

Brief info

Dhairya, known as the High Priestess of the Himalayas, was born in Kazakhstan, and is an ethnic Korean, Russian-speaking, Canadian citizen. She is a living embodiment of the Oneness of all races, nations, cultures and religions. Unsatisfied from a young age with the answers given to her many questions on the meaning of life, she embarked from the young age of 19, on a journey which eventually took her to the Himalayas; here she pursued a spiritual practice and divine transformation. She spent the next 15 years on an ashram under the tutelage of her Guru, Guruji. She spent her time living in a cave engrossed in deep spiritual study and practice of Kriya Yoga, Sanskrit Mantras, Vedic ceremonies, and connection to the Divine - Her own Soul, Rishis and Prophets of different religions, as well as the God/Goddess Absolute. Her Guru has now released her into world in order to spread the word of peace and healing. She stands as a true example of a spiritual disciple and modern day Rishi, a pillar of Light for the world and a loving Mother for all humanity, who tirelessly continues to bless all with her Divine Knowledge, Bliss and Compassion.

Dhairya has teamed up with Estrellita to offer spiritual awakening services in Vancouver (i.e. spiritual advising, counseling, and workshops) as well as retreats both locally and internationally.