With Dhairya Devāni Rahi

Born in Kazakhstan, this ethnic Korean, Russian-speaking, Canadian citizen, is a living embodiment of the Oneness of all races, nations, cultures and religions.

Unsatisfied from a young age with the answers given to her many questions on the meaning of life, she embarked from the young age of 19, on a journey which eventually took her to the Himalayas; here she pursued a spiritual practice and divine transformation. She spent the next 15 years on an ashram under the tutelage of her Guru, Guruji.

She spent her time living in a cave engrossed in deep spiritual study and practice of Kriya Yoga, Sanskrit Mantras, Vedic ceremonies, and connection to the Divine – Her own Soul, Rishis and Prophets of different religions, as well as the God/Goddess Absolute.

Her Guru has now released her into world in order to spread the word of peace and healing. She stands as a true example of a spiritual disciple and modern day Rishi, a pillar of Light for the world and a loving Mother for all humanity, who tirelessly continues to bless all with her Divine Knowledge, Bliss and Compassion.

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Upcoming Spiritual Retreat

7 day Spiritual Retreat
Ko Phangan Island, Thailand, February 18-25, 2023

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